About Us

Our Vision

With ever growing innovations in business processes and technologies International Parallel Sourcing sees a future where more organizations are made up from the best quality and more economical resources from all around the world (offshore outsourcing). This will create significant opportunities for businesses.

International Parallel Sourcing see it self as a major future global player in offshore outsourcing industry by bringing together offshore outsourcing service providers and businesses looking for innovative and high quality outsourcing solutions.


Our Mission

We are committed to removing the cultural and geographic barriers between our vendors and customers.

We are passionate about unlocking access to the highest value international resources for businesses.

We would like to continue working as a bridge between our clients and offshore service providers.


Our Approach

Customer centric approach – International Parallel Sourcing is not just a outsourcing service provider, but also a reliable partner that stands behind a promise to enhance and augment our clients’ businesses.

Mold ourselves as an extension of our clients’ service arm, understand their business and relate to them as we would relate to ourselves. At International Parallel Sourcing your business is our business.

Pay trusty attention to our clients’ goals, and treat their business as our business.

We believe in being a responsible service provider and paying detailed attention to our client's goals.


Our Values

International Parallel Sourcing is built on following foundations:

  • All businesses and organizations should have equal access to the global talent market so they can maximize their chances to compete and build wealth and value.
  • Equal opportunity for all vendors, regardless of their location.
  • Equal opportunity for all virtual talent, regardless of their location, race, color, gender and beliefs.
  • The desire and dedication to constantly strive for innovation and excellence.
  • A culture of knowledge sharing and continuous growth for our clients and vendors.
  • Enhanced communication between our clients & vendors/virtual talent.
  • That there is a common standard transcending all cultural and political borders in relation to professional conduct which, if adhered to, leads to greater commercial success for businesses and vendors, and greater career success for offshore talent.
  • Discipline is the core foundation of our success.

Our Commitment

At International Parallel Sourcing we guarantee realistic and honest outsourcing advice that achieves results.

With a focus on customer intimacy and operational excellence, we promise to enhance the business performance and create business value for our customers at a reduced cost.

Our years of experience and notable expertise ensure that your processes are in safe hands.

We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of those to whom we are accountable.

We are dedicated to advancing our professional development, and that of our vendors.


Our Virtues

  • Professional ethics and integrity.
  • Diligent enthusiasm for customer satisfaction.
  • Commitment, dedication and teamwork.
  • Open environment and improvement in all aspects of business processing.
  • Development of individuals.