Our Vendors

Our Vendors

Outsourcing vendors are offshore BPO/BKO service providers (Virtual Talent Pools).

Pre-qualified vendors (reliable and established) - All vendors on International Parallel Sourcing panel are pre-screened and carefully selected using strict criteria and rigorous procedures.

Our vendors have up to 30 years experience in planning, setting up, running and developing outsourcing programs for Australian, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, European and Middle Eastern companies.

They deliver services level and results comparable to any Australian process centre but at a fraction of the cost.

We work with over 750 vendors from Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Kenya, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Columbia, Mexico, China and Thailand.

Global Vendor Seeking Process

It takes time to find a quality offshore vendor, and we all know that time is money. Your time is far too valuable to be misspent when you could instead take advantage of International Parallel Sourcing’s hard work in procuring the finest vendors possible. Blindly choosing the wrong vendor may result in choosing one that is not efficient, can leave your business with a bad name, and see the loss of opportunities that could cost you thousands.

International Parallel Sourcing sources only the most efficient and competitive vendors in each category, with truly world-class virtual talent and resources.

We pass on your outsourcing requirements to all vendors on our panel. Each interested vendor provides us with a quotation, and each quotation comes with a detailed service proposal and vendor’s profile.

We supply you with multiple quotes (up to 5) from our shortlisted vendors, and you make the decision of which vendor/service proposal best meet your requirements.

Prices and terms & conditions are negotiated & confirmed.

Agreements are signed - Contract, SLAs and other agreements are signed between 2 Australian companies (you and International Parallel Sourcing), and almost identical contract, SLAs and other agreements are signed between International Parallel Sourcing and the offshore vendor.

The standard agreement includes:

  • Outsourcing requirements & solutions (including detailed job descriptions).
  • Resources requirements -
    • Staffing – Recruitment process, headcounts and positions that need to be filled, and Training & Development.
    • Office space, infrastructure, technology, remote management & contact management tools (networking, connectivity, integration of technologies, servers & workflow systems), technical support, tools and other requirements.
  • Professional environment, corporate structure, HR management (including payroll & performance management), operations support/management, and project management services.
  • Various KPI’s and other Quality Control tools and methods.
  • Risk parameters (security, confidentiality, IP and cultural barriers) and de-risking strategies (plans, systems, technologies, infrastructure, tools, procedures, undertakings…….).
  • Payments.
  • Standard terms and conditions.

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