Why Us

Why Outsource to International Parallel Sourcing?


By outsourcing your back office tasks to International Parallel Sourcing you will receive following benefits:

Cost Reduction & Higher ROI (up to 70% savings)

International Parallel Sourcing can help you tap into high quality but more economical offshore resources pools, such as virtual talent, office space, infrastructure and technologies.

Our diverse range of services delivers innovative outsourced solutions and provides value added services for a diverse range of clients.

By outsourcing with International Parallel Sourcing you can be assured of significantly reduced costs sustainable over time. This will improve your bottom line and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Example - How International Parallel Sourcing can provide you Savings!


Reduced Complexity

Our unique and easy to understand outsourcing models make outsourcing easy. You will get all the benefits of outsourcing without worrying about the complexity associated with offshore outsourcing.

We take care of all complexity and red tape associated with hiring offshore virtual talent, including HR management (including payroll & performance management), office space (where they sit), infrastructure, technology, remote management & contact management tools (networking, connectivity, integration of technologies, servers & workflow systems), technical support, security/confidentiality/IP (plans/systems/technologies/undertakings), access, tools, professional environment, corporate structure, operations management, project management, overseas taxes and overseas laws. This frees you up to focus on what is most important – your business.

Focus on Quality, not on cheap labor

We focus on quality talent, not on cheap labour.

Our vendors leverage highly experienced, skilled, qualified, English speaking, productive & cost-effective talents based in offshore locations to derive cost effective solutions for our clients. We hire only the best and the brightest professionals, through our rigorous screenings and selection processes.

We look out for individuals with:

  • Required qualifications, education and skills to perform tasks.
  • Required level of IT/computer usage.
  • Required work experience in a similar role.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Professional attitude and a desire to succeed within a BPO/BKO organization.

You can tap into and take advantage of our global knowledge base, and enjoy world-class capabilities not otherwise available to you.

For Example - Instead of hiring a junior bookkeeper from Australia, you can hire a fully qualified accountant with over 15 years of experience working for KPMG that can also assist you in developing your internal management reporting functions, at a similar price from the Philippines.

Enhanced Service Quality

Your business has a reputation to uphold, and expectations regarding the quality of your work.

A quality control plan is finalised during the analysing phase of our service delivery model to meet your expectations. The plan defines KPIs and intended processes, as well as procedures and tools to be used to achieve and maintain the quality.

Our experienced executives, senior managers and vendors have established efficient business processes to meet the agreed upon KPIs of our clients. Additional layers of business and quality processes are placed to ensure high calibre service. Each service that is outsourced passes through series of review cycles till the work is finalised, in this way, an additional quality check system gets introduced at every stage of the outsourcing process.

Plus, because of the size of our operation and our well-established relationship with them, our vendors always pay greater attention to our clients’ projects, and provide high quality services. They cannot afford to make our clients or us unhappy. Greater buying power!

Following technologies and tools are also available to apply additional quality control (but are not limited to):

  • Communication, remote management and contact management technologies/tools.
  • Your own staff on the floor (Virtual Captive Model).
  • International Parallel Sourcing’s independent offshore representative on the floor (not available in all areas).
  • International Parallel Sourcing’s Australian staff performing quality checks.
  • Auditing using internal or/and third party auditors/professionals.
  • Many other technologies and tools.


Outsourcing should increase productivity. If not managed properly, the reverse can take effect. International Parallel Sourcing exists to stop you from falling into this trap. We ensure that you receive high returns from your investment.

The unique culture that exists at International Parallel Sourcing encourages a straight talking, problem solving and productive workplace. All the process that we have set in place ensures that staff stays on track, output is high and all deadlines are met.

During the analysing phase of our service delivery model measurable results are defined to compare productivity of your existing team and our proposed team.

Total Risk Management

International Parallel Sourcing allows you to receive all the benefits of outsourcing while managing the associated risks.

All risk parameters are assessed and discussed, and de-risking strategies are planned during the analysing phase of our service delivery model.

Risk parameters and de-risking strategies

International Parallel Sourcing has comprehensive risk management protocols in place to ensure your offshore venture is completely protected.

1. Security, confidentiality and Intellectual property risk

International Parallel Sourcing and its vendors pay utmost importance to the security, confidentiality and intellectual property requirements of its clients.

Intellectual Property - We believe all assets and information provided by you, and all work created by us and our vendors whilst working on your tasks are exclusively the property of yourself.

We understand truly effective security as a system that is followed by every employee and affiliate. We deeply respect our customers’ business security and take comprehensive measures to safeguard them. A whole range of security procedures and policies are accepted at different levels.

Our vendors are capable of providing you a high security environment and data security that meets the most rigorous standards of leading global security-conscious organisations such as financial services companies.

Our comprehensive and customised security plan at the analysing phase of our service delivery model can cover all your security concerns.

Our security net includes (but not limited to):

  • Physically secure offices
    • Security gates.
    • Armed guards.
    • Security cameras.
    • Bio-metric, RFID & Photo ID detection systems (or other systems) for secure entry & exit (to prevent entry or exit of unauthorised persons).
    • Segregation of secured and common areas. Separate swipe cards for each area.
    • Emergency plan - staff training on emergency procedures, smoking alarms, fire extinguishers … and vendor’s alternative office.
  • Stringent administrative procedures
    • Clear Desk, Clear Screen Policy.
    • Bags, mobiles phones, camera, laptops, PDAs or any electronic gadgets are not allowed into the operation floor. Staff members are provided with their personal lockers outside the operating floor.
    • Random checks of employees and systems.
    • All email sent and received by employees are to be read by senior management. You can also request direct access to your employees’ emails.
    • Limited print permissions – Only few designated staff members are permitted to print. Staff members are not allowed to bring in or take out any paper, printout or written documents without any permission.
    • Limited staff access to database – Only few designated staff members are permitted to draw data from the database.
    • The process is divided and designated amongst different staff members, and each staff receives information only in relation to the task he/she is performing. Furthermore, our employees can be located in different areas, typically do not know each other, and do not have the ability to communicate or exchange information.
    • Part Outsourcing - Outsource portion of the process, which is less sensitive, and keep more sensitive portion of the process in-house.
    • Asset Management – Users register, user password management, and return asset policy.
    • Once the data and documents have been used they are destroyed.
  • Systems & Technologies
    • Firewalls.
    • Antivirus software.
    • Data encryption.
    • Secure web site, FTP and/or custom software can be used to transfer data.
    • Data Leak Detection & Prevention (DLDP) systems designed to detect and then prevent any potential breaches. These systems protect your data from being acquired by anyone other than people you’ve specifically assigned that information to. Including locked down USB ports.
    • Secure and managed internet connectivity and locked VPN only access via your network. (Meaning all your internet access rules are automatically applied to our workstations).
    • Thin client mode - All work is done on the central servers. Nothing ever leaves central servers. Images, data and all processing stay on a secure, firewalled central server. The server can be based locally or offshore.
    • DISASTER RECOVERY: Hot Back-up. In practice, if the server that is running a software process crashes, another server on the network can instantly take over without loss of any information.
  • Strict vendor and staff screening - Background checks on all staff members are performed.
  • All staff members are trained on security procedures during induction.
  • The employees, administrators and professionals working on your project at International Parallel Sourcing and at its vendors sign intellectual property, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements at the onset of a project.
  • A large number of our vendors comply with ISO 27001 Standards (IT Security Policy).
  • On the floor presence of your staff (virtual captive model), or International Parallel Sourcing independent representatives (not available in all areas), or an independent security officer (not available in all areas), or any combination of each.
  • Regular security audits can be carried out using internal or third party security auditors (onshore or offshore auditors).
  • Many other tools.

    The availability of above mentioned security tools varies from vendor to vendor.

    2. Cultural barriers

    Companies that recognize cultural differences and understand they can have huge impact on the success of their operation will take greater care ensuring they select the right outsourcing service provider.

    Be confident of the culture when working with International Parallel Sourcing.

    Being locally based and having had extensive business experience in the Australian market, International Parallel Sourcing has thorough knowledge and understanding of Australian corporate culture.

    International Parallel Sourcing’s executives and senior management in Australia and overseas, as well as its independent offshore representatives and vendors are multilingual with vast experience (up to 30 years) in crossing cultural barriers. By having these experienced and professional managers in both countries, International Parallel Sourcing can manage the cultural risk associated with outsourcing.

    We first understand and then replicate your current organisational culture at the analysing phase of our service delivery model. All staff members of International Parallel Sourcing, as well as vendors and affiliates working on your projects are fully trained on your corporate culture and expectations.

    Plus, back channel communication among client, International Parallel Sourcing’s Australian management and vendor’s senior management is available to help drive outcomes and resolve any cultural barriers.


    Your offshore outsourcing partner in Australia. You can conduct business with International Parallel Sourcing with total peace of mind, knowing you are dealing with an Australian company based in North Sydney NSW, not a stranger in a foreign country. We are here to stay. We are not a faceless entity that you have limited contact with, but an organisation that is fully accountable and subject to strict Australian standards.

    International Parallel Sourcing has been offering customised business and manufacture outsourcing solutions to all sizes of companies for more than 9 years. By leveraging the experience of International Parallel Sourcing, you get peace of mind knowing your business and manufacturing processes are in safe hands.

    IPS your local partner

    Instead of paying a foreigner thousands of dollars and hoping he will provide you the services/products, you can trust International Parallel Sourcing with your money because we are an Australian company based in North Sydney and can guarantee you the services/products delivery.


    The entire process operates at a fix cost, and there are no hidden charges.

    Total Control

    It is vital for your projects’ success that the outsourcing model provides you a seamless communication and full control of your project.

    International Parallel Sourcing provides/recommends a number of technologies, tools and methods for you to stay connected with your virtual staff and to remotely manage your projects. A complete Remote Management & Contact Management System with multiple channels of communication.

    Everything your virtual staffs do can be directed and managed by you.

    A full control of your project!

    Remote Management & Contact Management System


    1. Cloud Applications & Software

    Technologies such as Skype, StaffCop (spy software), TeamViewer (remote support & online meetings software), salesforce.com (CRM app), rackspace (file sharing & FTP hosting service provider), and many other technologies provide communication, and remote management and contact management tools for you to run, manage and control your projects.

    These tools include (but not limited to) regular online login systems (every 10 minutes), activity monitoring system, continuous video conferencing (up to 168 hours per week), web cams, CC TV, screen sharing, file exchange, fileservers, FTP hosting, silent monitoring, chat, audio recordings, phone (local number for international calls), fax, emails......

    Most of these technologies/software/applications are available at very low costs (essentially free).

    Plus, software and online applications are available for most of the tasks to be performed online, rather than on a paper. For example accounting software and applications.

    Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies mean that a high tech security environment already in place in your Australian office can be extended to include workstations in our offshore offices.

    International Parallel Sourcing can help you select and acquire the right technologies for your business, integrate them into your existing business processes and then train your entire team how to confidently use them. These tools are simple to use and once we show you how, you will be fully empowered to use them with ease.

    2. Your own staff on the floor (Virtual Captive Model)

    You also have the option of placing your own staff on the floor (Virtual Captive Model).

    Your own offshore staff – An individual or a team member hired by you and based in the offshore vendor’s office to represent you. Takes direct instructions from you, oversees the transfer of knowledge and processes, conduct the selection and training of staff, and manage working function of the centre. If required, International Parallel Sourcing can help you seek a good quality staff through a different vendor.

    Flexibility & Scalability

    We know that a one-size-fits all approach is not the way to solve the complex business outsourcing challenges facing today’s companies.

    International Parallel Sourcing’s three service delivery models provide flexibility and multiple solutions to meet your customised requirements.

    We also offer flexible engagement schemes enabling you to decrease or increase your team size or involve specialists with different expertise when your business requirements change. This lets you optimise the cost structure and your team’s performance to get the maximum ROI out of the outsourcing engagement.

    Global Delivery Model

    Offering the best services from around the world

    International Parallel Sourcing is a multidimensional company positioned to offer its customers the strategic advantage of multi-location outsourcing. With over 750 pre-qualified partners from the Philippines, India, Pakistan, China, Thailand, Kenya, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico, International Parallel Sourcing offers a spectrum of quality services and specialized skills that our customers can leverage to their benefit. None of our competitors can match the amount of vendors we can offer nor the diversity of locations in which to begin your outsourcing partnership.

    Multiple Quotes - Offshore Service Providers Competing for Your Business

    It takes time to find a quality offshore vendor, and we all know that time is money. Your time is far too valuable to be misspent when you could instead take advantage of International Parallel Sourcing’s hard work in procuring the finest vendors possible. Blindly choosing the wrong vendor may result in choosing one that is not efficient, can leave your business with a bad name, and see the loss of opportunities that could cost you thousands.

    International Parallel Sourcing sources only the most efficient and competitive vendors in each category, with truly world-class virtual talent and resources.

    We supply you with multiple quotes (up to 5) from our 750 pre-qualified partners; and you make the decision regarding which vendor best meets your requirements.

    Back-up Vendors

    International Parallel Sourcing has the ability to find you another vendor in a short period of time if your current vendor is no longer able to provide you the services due to any unfortunate circumstances, such as natural disasters – flood, earth quake and fire.

    24/7 Customer Support

    We provide 24/7 customer support should you require real time customer support.

    Support System

    Through its well-built support system International Parallel Sourcing makes sure that your outsourcing is successful:

    • Your risks are managed including security, confidentiality and IP (plans, systems, technologies and undertakings).
    • You receive the right resources - virtual staff/team, HR management (including payroll & performance management), office space, infrastructure, technology, remote management & contact management tools (networking, connectivity, integration of technologies, servers & workflow systems), technical support, tools, professional environment, operations & project management, and other resources required to successfully run and manage your project.
    • You receive what was agreed.
    • Your project starts on time.
    • Your processes run smoothly without any hurdles, loss of quality or efficiency.
    • The prices are clearly defined and there are no hidden costs involved.
    • The whole outsourcing process is transparent.

    We work as a bridge between our clients and vendors to help drive outcomes and resolve any blockages.

    Our vast experience in handling diverse outsourcing projects makes us prime candidate for a successful outsourcing service provider.
    For these reasons and many more, we believe that International Parallel Sourcing has the competitive edge in this market.

International Parallel Sourcing Advantages

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