Business Outsourcing

What is Business Outsourcing?

Business outsourcing is a strategy that allows you to redirect the management of your back office business processes in order to take advantage of high quality & more economical global business resources (including Virtual Talent), and to focus on what matters, which is your organisation’s primary business object.

Other advantages of business outsourcing are mentioned on our......

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Why Business Outsourcing?

The reasons to outsource vary from company to company. You might choose to outsource so you can:
  • Save money, improve bottom line & ROI.
  • Focus on your core competencies and streamline revenue generation.
  • Obtain ready-to-start resources with absolute minimum setup time.
  • Utilize the latest technology and technical expertise.
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Our Service Delivery Model


Staff Leasing

In this model we recruit and facilitate your virtual staff/team, but of course you direct everything they do. You do all the tasking, and give direct instructions....


Virtual Captive

In this higher control model, you retain a greater level of control of your business while transferring to International parallel Sourcing a portion of the....


Process Outsourcing

This model provides you complete peace of mind as International Parallel Sourcing and its offshore vendors manage the entire project. A number of technologies....


Which Business Process Can Be Outsourced?

Any left-brain type of job that can be reduced to a set of rules, routines and instructions is a candidate for outsourcing. Since computers can emulate left-hemisphere skills, all such outsourcing operations are automated.

In simple words - any task that can be done by someone in a professional office environment in front of a computer can be outsourced.

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