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When a business cannot tolerate any downtime in the functioning of its operations, it should set up at least one Disaster Recovery Facility. There could be two functioning centers in different cities with additional provisions to accommodate more if the need arises. So if one of the call centers has to close for a while then the agents from this center can be flown to the call center in the other city where the traffic has been redirected.

    Types of Real Estate Services Include:
Strategy Support Services
  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Benchmarking
  • Implementation of Best Practices
  • Investment Research
  • Pre-and Post-acquisition Analysis, Including Target Market Assessment and Due Diligence Support
  • Creation & Maintenance of Financial Models
  • Valuation Support
  • Many More Client Specific Strategy Support Services (Customized)
Sales & Marketing
  • Campaign Management Services
  • Pre-sale Research & Customer Landscaping
  • Customer Collateral Creation
  • Bid Management Support
  • Many More Client Specific Sales & Marketing Services
Research Support
  • Research Support for Procurement & Legal Information
  • Research to Identify Potential Suppliers
  • Many More Client Specific Research Support Services
Analytics & Insights
  • Geo-demographic Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Brand Analytics
  • Many More Client Specific Analytic & Insight Services
Data Services
  • MIS Reports & Dashboards
  • Decision Making Support
  • Many More Client Specific Data Services
Business Services
Real Estate Owned (REO) Services
  • REO Administrative Services
  • REO Reimbursement Services
  • REO Valuation Services
  • REO Accounting Services
  • Many More Client Specific Real Estate Owned (REO) Services
Architectural Designing Services

Post Processing of Real Estate Images
  • Still Photo/Image Enhancement Services
    • Color Cast Removal Services
    • Sky Change Services
    • Perspective Correction Services
    • Removal of Unwanted Objects
    • Adjusting the Brightness and Contrast
    • Replacing Colors
    • Correction of Under and Over Exposures
    • Application of Photo Filters
    • Removal of Major and Minor Spots
    • Removal of Calera Flashes
    • Removal of Minor Reflections
    • Reducing of Removing Shadows
    • Cropping and Rotation
    • Image Density Adjustment
    • Correcting Blurry Pictures
    • Adjusting Curves and Levels
    • Lens Correction
    • Correcting Horizontal and Vertical Perspective Distortions
    • Time Stamp Removal
    • Correcting Faded Edges
    • Addition of Texts/Objects
    • Minor Color Binding
    • Resizing the Photo for The Web Without
    • Many More Client Specific Still Photo/Image Enhancement Services (Customized)
  • Real Estate Panorama Services
    • Cropping and Rotation
    • Seamless Full-View Stitching
    • Alteration and Stitching of Horizontal and Vertical Images
    • Brightness and Contract
    • Removal of Wires and Switchboards
    • Aligning, Warping and Positioning of Images
    • Replacing of Colors
    • Application of Photo Filters
    • Removal of Spots, Camera Flashes, Shadows and Unwanted Objects
    • Adjustment of Curves and Levels
    • Conversion of Stitched Images Into Quick Time Movie Files
    • Adding a Enhanced Definition and Depth to Images
    • Many More Client Specific Real Estate Panorama Services (Customized)
  • Image Stitching Services
    • Rectilinear (spherical, cubical etc)
    • Circular (spherical, cubical etc)
    • Full Frame (spherical, cubical etc)
    • Many More Client Specific Image Stitching Services (Customized)
  • Color Cast Removal Services
  • Sky Change Services
  • Photo Perspective Correction Services
  • Image Blending Services
  • Real Estate 360o Virtual Tour Services
  • Real Estate Video Tour Services
  • Floor Plan Creation & Conversion Services
  • Many More Client Specific Post Processing of Real Estate Images Services Customized)
Human Resource & Payroll Services
Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Debt Collection
Many More Client Specific Real Estate Services (Customized)
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