Company Overview

Company Overview

International Parallel Sourcing is an outsourcing firm that serves as a vital resource for companies seeking cost-effective business and manufacture outsourcing solutions.

Companies of all sizes come to International Parallel Sourcing to succeed in their offshore business and manufacture outsourcing transactions. We help them successfully outsource their business and manufacturing processes, allowing them to take advantage of high quality, and more economical global resources such as virtual talent, infrastructure and technology. We facilitate the smooth transition of in-house processes to offshore locations.

Our unique service delivery models deliver simple, easy-to-understand, turn-key solutions that enables you to receive all benefits of outsourcing (including cost reduction – savings up to 70%) without taking on unnecessary risk.

Our comprehensive approach makes outsourcing easy! We offer full range of services covering the scope definition, vendor seeking, financial analysis, contracting, pricing, negotiating and project management. We help our clients establish the right outsourcing strategy, and help them in devising a plan to implement the strategy and de-risking the plan to ensure success.

Our clients receive simplified management and integration similar to in-house operations, while receiving up-to-date industry expertise that only outsourcing can provide.

We know that a one-size fit all approach is not the way to solve the complex business and manufacture outsourcing challenges facing today’s companies. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their companies’ unique values, work culture and needs, so as to deliver exceptional results that align with the established business’ existing functions. Utilizing knowledge and experience gained over past 9 years in the industry, we tailor our solutions to suit every client that we service.

We supply you with multiple quotes (up to 5) from our over 750 pre-qualified offshore vendors from the Philippines, India, Pakistan, China, Thailand, Kenya, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico. And you make the decision of which vendor/service proposal best meet your requirements.

The talent employed by International Parallel Sourcing and its vendors are well educated in their respective fields and are experienced in handling the business needs of companies that want to outsource. Further, International Parallel Sourcing and its vendors employ world-class business practices perfected over the year by catering to customers around the globe. Get access to the expertise and capabilities of International Parallel Sourcing and its vendors.

International Parallel Sourcing works as a bridge between its clients and vendors to help drive outcomes and resolve any blockages.

International Parallel Sourcing is not an outsourcing service provider, but also a reliable and trustworthy partner who promises to make valuable difference to its client business.

International Parallel Sourcing and its offshore partners don’t work as a third party but as an extended arm of your business.

We make it our business to help you do your business.

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Foundation, History and Present


  • After over 12 months of research and analysis International Parallel Sourcing was established in Sydney.
  • Services originally limited to call center services only.
  • Partnered with a range of only 20 vendors from India and Pakistan.


  • International Parallel Sourcing now has offices and agents in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and UAE.
  • Diverse and growing portfolio; serves various industries
  • Global Delivery Model - International Parallel Sourcing now is a multidimensional company positioned to offer its customers the strategic advantage of multi-location outsourcing. Over 750 pre-qualified vendors from the Philippines, India, Pakistan, China, Thailand, Kenya, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico. All competing for your business.


With ever growing innovations in business/manufacturing processes and technologies International Parallel Sourcing sees a future where more organizations are made up from the best quality and more economical resources from all around the world (offshore outsourcing). This will create significant opportunities for businesses and manufacturers.

International Parallel Sourcing see it self as a major future global player in offshore outsourcing industry by bringing together offshore outsourcing service providers and businesses looking for innovative and high quality outsourcing solutions.

Our Service Delivery Model


Staff Leasing

In this model we recruit and facilitate your virtual staff/team, but of course you direct everything they do. You do all the tasking, and give direct instructions....


Virtual Captive

In this higher control model, you retain a greater level of control of your business while transferring to International parallel Sourcing a portion of the....


Process Outsourcing

This model provides you complete peace of mind as International Parallel Sourcing and its offshore vendors manage the entire project. A number of technologies....

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