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When a business cannot tolerate any downtime in the functioning of its operations, it should set up at least one Disaster Recovery Facility. There could be two functioning centers in different cities with additional provisions to accommodate more if the need arises. So if one of the call centers has to close for a while then the agents from this center can be flown to the call center in the other city where the traffic has been redirected.

    Types of Legal Services Include:
Legal Advice
  • Client Specific Legal Advice Services
Paralegal Services
  • Searching Liens
  • Searching Database Such As EDGAR and Searching Business Entities
  • Preparing a Synopsis of Judgments and Cases
  • Digitalizing Legal Publications, Judgments and Cases
  • Analyzing SEC Forms
  • Preparing Deposition Summaries
  • Preparing PowerPoint Presentations on Legal Issues
  • Preparing Briefs and Motions
  • Helping You Obtain Title Searches, Docket Sheets and Judgments
  • Discovery Management Services
  • Searching Securities Class Litigation
  • Objective and Subjective Coding
  • Indexing and Organizing Services
  • Document Scanning and Processing
  • Unitization
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services
  • Storing of Online Databases
  • Many More Client Specific Paralegal Services (Customized)
Litigation Support Services
  • Organizing, Analyzing, Filing and Preparing Chronologies
  • Drafting Complaints and Summons
  • Drafting Responsive Pleadings and Answers
  • Drafting Correspondences
  • Maintaining Your Calendar
  • Many More Client Specific Litigation Support Services (Customized)
Personal Injury Claims
  • New Claims Processing
  • Medical Evidence Evaluation
  • Claims Setting & Closing
  • Many More Client Specific Personal Injury Claims Services (Customized)
Property Law Services
  • Freehold & Leasehold Coveyancing
  • Mortgage Re-Financing Legal Processing
  • Title Checking Services
  • Home Information Pack (HIP) Office
  • Many More Client Specific Property Law Services (Customized)
Legal Transcription Services
  • Investigation Transcription Services
    • Suspect Interrogations
    • Witness Interview
    • Telephone Conversations
    • Wire-Up Conversations
    • Fire Accident Reports
    • Motor Accident Reports
    • Crime Scene Investigations
    • Disciplinary Investigation Records
    • Confession Tapes
    • Many More Client Specific Investigation Transcription Services (Customized)
  • Forensic Transcription Services
    • Forensic Investigation Reports
    • Many More Client Specific Forensic Transcription Services (Customized)
  • Time Stamped Transcription Services
    • PACE Interview Transcription Services (Police & Criminal Evidence Interviews)
    • Preliminary Hearings
    • Administrative Hearings
    • Panel Hearing Transcription Services
    • Disciplinary Hearing Transcription Services
    • Court Proceedings
    • Tribunal Transcription Services
    • Legal Video Transcription Services
    • Adjudication Panel Hearings
    • Jury Instructions
    • Legal Pleadings
    • Witness Statements
    • Testimonies
    • Examinations Under Oath
    • Legal Examinations
    • Sworn Statements
    • Motions
    • Summons
    • Court Tapes/Transcriptions
    • Client Tapes
    • Interviews
    • Memoranda
    • Mediation Briefs
    • Arbitrations
    • Many More Client Specific Time Stamped Transcription Services (Customized)
  • Police Transcription Services
  • Other Legal Transcription Services
    • Data Entry
    • Data Mining
    • Request of Productions
    • Briefs
    • Letters
    • Emails
    • Subpoenas
    • Depositions
    • Notes
    • Minutes of Meeting
    • Proceedings at Meetings/Conferences
    • General Correspondence
    • Reports
  • Many More Client Specific Legal Transcription Services (Customized)
Data Entry Services
  • Divorce Forms
  • Insurance Claim Records
  • Shipping Documents
  • Property Related Documents
  • Court Forms
  • Case Details Data Entry Services
  • Property Documents into Online Databases
  • Legislation Scans
  • Bare Act & Citations
  • Legal Documents Data Entry Services
  • Legal Document Filing
  • Legal Document Processing and Management
  • Litigation Support Services
  • Complete Digitization of Legal Documents
  • Many More Client Specific Legal Documents Data Entry Services(Customized)
Legal Writing Services
  • Legal Pleadings of Different Kinds
  • Litigation Documents
  • Review of Existing Documents
  • Research for Statute of Limitations Issues
  • Bankruptcy Filing and Simple Legal Filings
  • Contract Drafting, Monitoring and Management
  • Writing for Discovery and Patent Services
  • Medico-Legal Support
  • Drafting Research Memoranda
  • Abstract Writing
    • Law Firms
    • Attorneys
    • SMEs
    • Many More Client Specific Legal Abstract Writing Services (Customized)
  • Many More Client Specific Legal Writing Services (Customized)
Contract Management Services
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Monitoring & Management
  • Many More Client Specific Contract Management Services (Customized)
Legal Documentation
  • Client Specific Legal Documentation Services
Document Analysis
  • Client Specific Document Analysis Services

Case Research
  • Client Specific Case Research Services
Business Research
  • Company Research
  • Industry Research
  • Business Intelligence
  • Library Services
  • Documentation Services
  • Many More Client Specific Business Research Services (Customized)
Pitch Support
  • Pitch Support Across Client’s Service Lines
  • Managing Data Sources for Pitch Processes
  • Development & Management of Quality Checklists
  • Standardization of Sales Templates & Processes
  • Many More Client Specific Pitch Support Services (Customized)
Directory / Award Submission
  • Monitoring of Directories and Legal Websites for Regular and Potential Awards and Directories
  • Review & Guidance on Submissions
  • Assistance in Identifying Projects and in Searching CVs for Inclusion in Submissions
  • Quality Checks
  • Many More Client Specific Directory / Award Submission Services (Customized)
Medical / Medico-Legal Animation
  • Client Specific Medical/Medico-Legal Animation Services
Human Resource & Payroll Processing Services
Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Debt Collection
Many More Client Specific Legal Services (Customized)
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