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When a business cannot tolerate any downtime in the functioning of its operations, it should set up at least one Disaster Recovery Facility. There could be two functioning centers in different cities with additional provisions to accommodate more if the need arises. So if one of the call centers has to close for a while then the agents from this center can be flown to the call center in the other city where the traffic has been redirected.

    Types of Procurement Support Services Include:
Supplier Research & Analysis
  • New Supplier Identification & Capability Profiling
  • Supplier Risk & Financial Analysis
  • Supplier Scorecard Compilation
  • Supplier Normalization & Negotiation Strategies
  • Many More Client Specific Supplier Research & Analysis Services (Customized)
Sourcing Support & Administration
  • RFI, RFQ, RFP Design & Development Support
  • RFI & RFQ Administration
  • Many More Client Specific Sourcing Support & Administration Services (Customized)
Contract Management
  • Contract Database Management
  • Many More Client Specific Contract Management Services (Customized)
Market Intelligence
  • Industrial Reports & Updates
  • Commodity Market Intelligence
  • Index Pricing
  • Projections & Forecasts
  • Many More Client Specific Market Intelligence Services (Customized)

Competitive Intelligence
  • Industry Specific Newsletters
  • Market Trends Update
  • Many More Client Specific Competitive Intelligence Services (Customized)
Procurement Analytics
  • Spend Data Analysis & Management, Cleansing, Maintaining & Format Conversion
  • Statistical Analysis & Report Generation
  • Many More Client Specific Procurement Analytic Services (Customized)
Performance Reporting
  • Procurement Group MIS Reporting
  • Material Scorecard Compilation
  • Savings Reports
  • Many More Client Specific Performance Reporting Services (Customized)
Many More Client Specific Procurement Support Services (Customized)
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