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Who is interested in BPO and BKO?

13:18 14 December in Blogs

CFO who are looking at every option to further cut costs. IT Executives under pressure to reduce costs and improve quality. Human Resources executives seeking lower transaction-processing costs. Finance and Accounting executives considering new processing options. Customer Care executives building the next-generation virtual global contact center. Sourcing executives with cost...

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Why Outsource?

13:15 14 December in Blogs

The reasons to outsource vary from company to company. You might choose to outsource so you can: Save money, improve bottom line & ROI Offshore outsourcing allows you to tap into high quality but more economical offshore resources. Due to differences in resources costs, such as wages, between...

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What do BPO and BKO stand for?

13:08 14 December in Blogs

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing, and BKO stands for Business Knowledge Outsourcing. Major corporations in the US, Europe, Middle East and Australia are outsourcing their back office operations to offshore to save costs. E.g. employee payroll is maintained in India/Pakistan for their employees worldwide....

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What is Outsourcing?

13:04 14 December in Blogs

Business outsourcing is a strategy that allows you to redirect the management of your back office business processes in order to take advantage of high quality & more economical global business resources (including Virtual Talent), and to focus on what matters, which is your organisation’s...