Official guide to outsourcing

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Official guide to outsourcing

13:33 14 December in Blogs

Follow these 9 rules before taking off:

Rule 1 – Virtual staff and service providers have excellent communication skills.

Rule 2 – An outsourcing company must be flexible.

Rule 3 – An outsourcing company must be built on quality and be able to prove beyond just simple words.

Rule 4 – You should get full control of your virtual staff and processes. Direct access to your virtual staff.

Rule 5 – You should receive latest technologies and infrastructure.

Rule 6 – You should receive multiple channels of communication.

Rule 7 – An outsourcing company’s culture should not conflict with your culture.

Rule 8 – Your sensitive information and IPs should be secure and in safe hands.

Rule 9 – Outsourcing should result in reduction of cost and increase in profit.